June 20, 2018

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Toughest Galaxy s8 Review

5 Of The Most Heavy Duty and Toughest Galaxy S8 Case Reviewed

If you take into consideration the make and style of the Galaxy S8, you will notice that the phone in its entirety represents an aura of sleek design and class. However, keeping in mind the demands of a modern day phone, the manufacturers Samsung could not really do anything to provide any sort of protection to the phone as the body entirely is made from glass - from one edge to the other.

But that is something not to worry about as different manufacturers have worked to provide the protection this phone deserves. Different factors like the slim design and the overall comfortable feel of the case have been taken into consideration while making some of the cases that can be used on this phone.

But in a sea full of cases, how do you choose which case to go for? How do you choose? What factors do you consider?

First and foremost, choosing a case for your Samsung Galaxy S8 is purely a decision based on your own likes and dislikes. Some people might prefer to have a slim and sleek case - something that is easy to carry in their pockets while some would compromise on the look in order to get the protection for their phone. So it is sort of something that varies from one person to another.

However, there are a few things that you must take into consideration when you are actually thinking about getting a phone. In fact, there is a checklist you should consider.

If a case passes this checklist then it is actually worth taking a risk on. Keeping that in mind I have gone ahead to review 5 of the best phone cases that I believe are just right for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

1 - Caseology Legion

The first case I had the privilege of reviewing was the Caseology Legion. Over the years, I have had my fair share of time using Caseology cases and I have found them to always be up to my expectations. This particular case has a shock-absorbing TPU with the outer layer being made of polycarbonate.

So not only are you protected from the minor scratches and bumps, you are also going to be protected from any major drops or shocks that your phone might encounter. All in all, I found this case to be purely up what it promises and surely is the money’s worth.

2 - Zizo Static Series

Next on the list was the Zizo Static series which has been military grade tested for drop tests. So if you are looking to spend money on this case you are surely getting sure money’s worth. Well if your phone does drop from a certain height - it is going to be military protected.

The case features a double layer of protection - a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside while a silicone frame on the inner side to disperse the effects of any fall or drop. The case also has a fold-out kickstand the two layers are color combined to give the case an overall nice look.

3 - Armor King Case

Next up on the list is the Armor King Case which is a solid consideration to have if you are looking for both protection for your phone and style at the same time then this particular case is surely going to be worth your money.

The case is designed in a manner that the semantics of the metal frame is the overall surrounding while the hardback is made from polycarbonate. The design features a cinema stand while the overall slim and sleekness of the case make it easy to carry.

4- Pelican Voyager

Over the years, we have seen Pelican products being used to form suitcases and phone cases. And in these years, we have found them to not be compromising on long lasting durability and rugged protection.

This particular case has been military grade tested for tough situations as it provides a 4 layer protection that has shock absorbing capabilities. Two different types of rubber have been added inside the polycarbonate shell which does create a bit of a bump, however, the protection provided covers for it.

5 - Spigen Tough Armour

Last but not the least is to consider the Spigen Tough Armor case. Whether you are looking for something to carry in a party or something to take on your adventures hikes, Spigen has a phone case made for the occasion.

Well in this particular phone case both the areas are covered. The inner layers are TPU which exists for shock absorption and scratch protection while the outer shell is made from long-lasting and durable polycarbonate.

The case also has a kickstand while the buttons are designed in a perfect manner to keep the usability experience at an all-time maximum.

Whichever case you go for is purely up to you as it is a matter of personal choice. Some might like the design, some might like the features - whatever the decision maybe it has to keep the important thing in mind. Is the case covering all the basic needs that you have then its the right choice for you?

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