April 29, 2019

Best Galaxy S9 Cases in 2019 | Phone Style Central

Samsung’s superb Galaxy S9 retained the curved appeal of its ancestor, the Galaxy S8, but introduced an additional main camera with a dual aperture for fabulous low-light clicks. The design is polished, with much better fingerprint sensor placing on the back. As it is IP68 rated, water is not a worry, but this is still going to be a fragile smartphone.

The good news is that we’ve got a delightful list of chic and protective options. Behold the best S9 cases. However, Picking up the best S9 case you can afford is always a good move.

In the name of safety and style, here are 4 ultra protective and stylish Samsung S9 cases.

Honey Comb Protective Shield For S9

It’s perfect if you want to provide a solid drop shield to your phone. This case offers majestic drop protection that has been fully tested up to 11 feet, so you can be self-confident that your S9 will survive drops unscathed. It’s also the light weighted case with accurate openings, tactile button covers, and a raised lip around the top and bottom of the screen to protect from any kind of external damage. So, if your love going out for adventure  Honey Comb Protective Shield For S9  is perfect for you.

Samsung S9 Build-in Screen Protector Case

Equipped with a built-in screen protector, responsive buttons and multiple layers of TPU in the bumper, you can be sure that your smartphone will survive the occasional drop without sustaining any serious damage. Effectively prevents scratches and screen cracks while remaining fully touch-sensitive. Slim build and clear backplate make it portable. Easily slip into your pockets.

Stylish Shockproof Samsung S9 Protective Cover

Waterproof Case helps guard your phone against all that may cause it damage. It has all the power to keep your phone sealed from the snow and water. Provide protection once sunk into the water of up to 6.6 inches or 2 m for an hour. Equipped with an ultra-protective screen protector with a touch ID compatible with for your S9 smartphone. It has a built-in curved screen protector which leaves no gap between, covers the front and back. Quite easy to install and snap-off. Provides 100 percent accessibility to all ports,  buttons and touch ID. If you love swimming, then this Shockproof Samsung S9 Protective Cover is an ideal fit for you.

Crystal Protective Best S9 Case

An extremely durable rubber case that features a grippy design, making it comfortable to carry. Able to handle drops of nearly 10 ft, thanks to its proprietary cushioning system. And the best part of all is the Catalyst case is slim and unobtrusive, ensuring your phone maintains its naturally gorgeous form factor.

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