May 13, 2019

Boost Your Camera Lens Power With 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case & Click Professional Photos

Clicking a perfect photo is a labor-intensive process. You would have to buy a fancy camera and editing software and need to seriously invest few hours for giving your photo chic look.

However, carrying a camera with you all the time is not possible. You will agree, there are times you want to click photos and don’t have a camera in hand? Don’t you? But, you have a smartphone in your hands all the time and it is capable of taking a photo anytime anywhere you want. The rapid development of smartphone with high-end camera aperture allows you to click mesmerizing photos.

If you talk about the iPhone it has an extensive camera among smartphones available. More importantly, you buy Apple’s smartphones just because of its high-end camera. For perfect results spend some extra dollar to buy this 6-In-1 iPhone lens case.

However, there are a lot of beautiful and useful cases for the iPhone on the market, but what makes this one stand out is its additional capability, thanks to the six lenses that it houses. Depending on which lens you choose to use, there are different benefits.

The innovative  6-In-1 iPhone lens case dual lens is designed specifically for the iPhone X. The dual-optics design adjusts flawlessly with the dual camera mode on iPhone X. Slide the lens attachment to switch between different lenses and enjoy your favourite effect. With a total of six lenses covers five different types, you will find alot of versatility. Now you can click high-quality photos in the most convenient, comprehensive, and portable way.

While talking in detail about lenses - There are three lenses each that match up with the iPhone X Wide Angle and Zoom lenses. The iPhone’s Wide Angle lens gets a 10X Macro lens, a 120 degree Wide Angle lens, and a 180-degree Fisheye lens. While the Zoom lens gets two 2X Telephoto Lens and a 20X Macro lens.

You might be thinking two 2X Telephoto lens is a waste, but In reality, it is found to be a smart design decision. You can quickly switch to a Telephoto shot regardless if you are using the Wide Angle or Fisheye. The process is as simple as you ‘re tapping the camera 2X button.

  • 120 degree Wide Angle / 2X Telephoto

Extend the range of your iPhone’s camera with the combination of 120 wide and telephoto lenses and get the most mileage from.

  • 10X Macro / 20X super Macro

If you want extreme close-up details without getting blur then this multilayer coating HD resolution enables you to capture closeup with high resolution. Now zoom every bit of

  • 170-degree Fisheye/ 2X Telephoto

The combo of Fisheye and Telephoto lens allows you to greatly increase your optical zoom range to capture a variety of photos

This incredibly smart case allows you to use it without the attached lenses, as they are easily removable. You are opt to just carry the case with you while letting the lenses sit in your pocket or bag. If you like a flat case than any other style than this case is ideal for you to flatter your smartphone all the time but also get the best of lenses when needed.

If you want to click high-resolution professional photos without carrying an extra bulk of the professional camera.

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