April 22, 2019

Buyers Guide - Which Phone Case Should You Buy for Your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is a marvelous device, but beauty can often be fragile. If you spend most of your time working outside in all weathers, you love to experience adventures, or perhaps you drop your iPhone much, you must be thinking about what  iPhone case should I get?  Well, in that case, you must consider investing in a tough and ultra protective rugged iPhone case that can take all the blows. Today I have gathered  top 5 iPhone case right here. These are the best protective iPhone cases that perfectly answer your query -  what iPhone case should I get?

Top 5 iPhone Cases - Ultra protective yet Exceptionally Minimalist

1 -Full Body Bumper iPhone Case

Your iPhone body might be metal, but most protective covers are not, which means you’re surely left shielding it in cheaper plastic.

As this is just a bumper rather than a full case the back of your phone is left uncovered and the bumper itself is almost invisible – unless you choose a shade that contrasts your phone.

The slim nature of the cover indicates it’s not the most protective thing around, but the edges are raised, so even if your phone hits the ground from the front or back side it remains secure as long as the surface it collides with is flat.

2 - Shockproof Armor CAMO Phone Case for iPhone

This Ultra protective armor case can let you enjoy your adventurous trip without having a fear of a broken screen. It looks quite simple but elegant. It can protect your iPhone from some serious falls, bumps, and waterfall. It is a dual-layered case that effectively protects your device.

The corners are outfitted with shock absorbing silicone as an extra layer of protection.

3 - Shockproof Bumper Case for iPhone

This elegantly designed iPhone bumper case is a protective boaster. Being able to protect your iPhone even from a brutal drop of up to 7 feet, it’s made to be an ultra-protective cover for your smartphone. That’s not all; it weighs as less as a feather.

The precise cutouts and highly sensitive buttons make for high-grade user experience. Courtesy matte finish, you have the desired comfort while holding the iPhone in your hands.

4 - Cherry Series - Armor Slim iPhone Case

Tough Armor is military grade drop-tested and features protective air cushions in the corners for just-about-as-good-as-it-gets shock absorption. There's a hard polycarbonate shell that slips onto the back and once it's on, it's secure and almost becomes one with the TPU.

This case is made of a solid TPU that's still slightly flexible, but much more resistant to breaks or cracks.

5 - Military Grade Waterproof Case for iPhone

If you need something that can unquestionably handle a dunk. Well, this case is waterproof at up to 5 meters and boasts an IP68 rating. It also had military standards for drop protection, so you can use your iPhone outdoors with confidence if it’s wrapped in one of these.

Touch ID, buttons, and the touchscreen all work with the case on, and the ports are accessible via plugs, but not every cable is going to fit.

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