June 20, 2018

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Toughest Galaxy s8 Review

Military Grade Case Best Phone Case For Outdoor Lovers

Oops, you have dropped your new Galaxy S8.

As soon as the phone drops, bolts of lightning send shivers down your spine as soon as you hear the sound of your phone hitting the ground. The world seems to slow down - you’re bemused and are hesitant - fearing for the worst as you move in to pick up your phone.

While you’re going through this mentally and emotionally - you are constantly wishing, praying that the phone has survived.

As soon as you pick the phone up, the world seems to have fallen apart. Although the phone seems fine at first glance, you find that the screen is cracked in multiple places and you’re looking at a hefty price to pay for your negligence or if things head towards the worst, you might not be able to use this phone ever again.

Has this happened to you? Have you been a victim to such a situation which could have been avoided had it not been for your own negligence. How could this have been avoided?

You spent a fair amount in getting the phone - why did you not spend a little more in getting yourself a case - something that could have helped in avoiding this from happening.

Let’s get one thing clear that no matter how careful you are, no matter, still gravity has a greater power than you. It does not matter, the precautions you take - no matter how careful you are, you will end up dropping your phone once or maybe twice in a week.

What do you do then? Buy a new phone or get the screen replaced every time? Well, that cannot be an option that’s really good on your pocket.

However, instead what you can do is actually spend some money into buying a new phone case for your expensive phone - something that will provide the protection it needs. But from one dillemma to another, you’ve now landed yourself in another one.

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In a plethora of phone cases to choose from - how do you know which case you are going to buy and which one is going to best suit your needs. Most importantly, which phone case is a true reflection of your personality and goes will with your Samsung Galaxy S8.

So let me ask you a few questions.

Do you love the outdoors? Are you working on a project that requires a lot of site visits? Or are you a corporate worker that works 9 - 5 on daily basis? I ask these questions because these things matter when you’re looking to buy a phone case.

You might not need a rugged case if you don’t really head to the outdoors or maybe you have a thing for slim and sleek cases that get the job done. In the end, it’s all a matter of personal choices.

Today’s blog is only going to focus on a phone case that is designed for outdoor lovers. Something that not only provides style but also gives protection on a level that is considered the highest military grade quality.

This particular case has been around for a while and is called the King Armor Case. And as the name might suggest the case is definitely the armor your phone needs in order to survive any kind of hard falls or drops that your phone is likely to encounter.

However, you might not want to take my word for it? Now would you? So let me just go ahead and highlight some of the main aspects this phone case has - things you might want to take into account when you’re looking to make a decision.

#1 - Steel Flip:

This case is fully protected with steel flip that protects the screen of your phone. It supports the 360-degree rotation feature which you can use as a stand to enjoy hand free video streaming. The main advantage of flip case is that they provide protection from both ends (front and back). Flip can better protect your phone’s screen from scratches, smudges and also avoid accidental touches on the screen.

#2 - Waterproof

You have to take your phone wherever you go, so it’s really important to protect your phone from the outdoor environment. As the weather changes incredibly from one moment to the other, it is always recommended to have high-quality waterproof protection for your phone. It does not damage the steel, ensuring it to be waterproof - making it easier for you to use the phone while it’s pouring down.

#3 - Lens Protective

You may be thinking that all cases provide camera protection so what’s new about this case? The Armor King Case provide protection to your camera by incorporating a 2mm curve design that is higher than the camera and thus is able to provide a more reliable protection for your phone’s camera.

#4 - Accurate Opening

This case is hard Metal Aluminum with accurate openings. All the cuts for the dock connector, charger, side buttons, speaker, microphone, and camera were precisely cut to allow full access to all phone functions. A comfortable feeling in your hand while operating the buttons. Easy to hold

#5 - Easy Installation

Most of the armor cases need extra tools for installation, but with the King Armor Case you just snap on the case and you’re good to go. It takes about 2 seconds to install so you do not have to worry about screwing the case on or off for that matter.

#6 - Heat Dissipation

After using your phone for several hours, the phone itself is heating up, the only solution we have at that time is to take off the case. But what about the protection of the phone? And not a very optimum solution to take everytime this happens.

However, with the King Armor Case you do not have to worry about that as the case is designed with built in heat dissipation - something you can always rely on.

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