May 14, 2019

Where a broken smartphone has been once a frustration, can now be a critical headache in modern life.

Despite your increased reliance on smart technology, smartphones are much expensive to replace or even repair.   At this point, smartphone cases play a vital role while protecting it from dirt, scratches, cracks and even water.

 When it comes to buying a protective case for your smartphone, you might get confused between thousands of choices available today. Even it can often get difficult to identify what kind of case is best to garb - thin or protective? A thin case looks more attractive but are they protective enough to safeguard your phone?

 Today I am going to discuss which phone case is best to protect your smartphone from all kinds of dirt and damage.

The Basic Thin Case

Most of the time you love to click for the thin, cheap and nasty case. They are mostly known as crystal clear case, far more affordable and offer a basic level of protection.  Thebasic thin case trends to win out over nasty and cheap because, while still being affordable, it is also protective, stylish and last longer.

The thin cases are mostly made of rubber, plastic, fake leather, or sometimes a mixture of these. You also may come across thin aluminum cases, but they might be a bit expensive.

Here are some thin bulk free smartphone cases you can choose from.




If you want a thin protective case that won’t add bulk to your pocket, this  METAL SERIES - ARMOR COVER CASE SAMSUNG is ideal for you.

This case offers 360-degree protection against dirt, shock, and unwanted scratches. This case is the perfect combo of style and technology, the slimmest and protective case you have ever had. The chic look adds a plus in the personality of your phone.

Gift ultimate shock-proof protection to your phone - Getting all around 360 protection like that for a pretty low price has been quite often. It is one of the best cases for Samsung S10/S10+/S10E


If you are looking for an ultra-slim case then your search is over - this Samsung slim shockproof hybrid case is ideal to protect your phone with style.  

This slim case is skillfully crafted with hard plastic in a way that it will provide your Samsung protection with the most fashionable and luxurious look.

The ideal case that compliments your Note 8 well, while the five-layered protection is capable of absorbing any drops that may occur. The raised lip around the front as well as back camera and a fingerprint sensor effectively protect against unwanted scratches and make sure that all the features of your phone will be protected and well functional.

Bring real class to your phone!


Rugged Armour Case


Armour wear cases are designed specially to offer extreme protection against dirt, heavy duty, scratches and mostly water resistant. They tend to give your phone an armour look, most stylish, easy to grab and ultra protective.

Rugged cases cover every bit of your smartphone, including the buttons,  camera, and touch screen which something gets harder to press but maintain the touchpad sensitivity.

Some of the most powerful rugged cases are listed below



Do you want to give your phone a military protection? Well, then look no further this military guard armor case for Samsung S9/S10 protect your smartphone from this harsh environment.

This case will survive from all kinds of drops, without adding much bulk. I bet you would love holding one in your hands.



Sometimes it feels like a shame to cover your phone’s gorgeous design, especially if you had Samsung Note 9  or maybe you are looking for something that is not too bulky. Than this rugged protective case that is quite slim but protective.  It has the power to safeguard your smartphone against scratches and dirt, hence, boosting your phone’s chances of survival.

You don’t always need a bulky rugged case something even less bulky plays a spend big on a slim case, and they can be great if you feel a basic level of protection is enough.


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