12in1 Phone Camera Lens Kits for Samsung Iphone

12in1 Phone Camera Lens Kits for Samsung Iphone




Product Description 

12X Telephoto lens:  

  • Magnification: 12X      
  • Minimum focus distance: 3M      
  • Field view: 246M      
  • View angle: 16degree      
  • Size: 30 x 70mm      
  • Color: Black     

Selfie Stick:      

  • With this selfie stick you can take the photo by yourself and it suitable for different situation      
  • Portable and detachable, you can take a photo with your devices at any time

Bluetooth Shutter:   
  • 1.Color: Black      
  • 2. Apply to: iOS (6.0 Above) / Android system (for Samsung/MOTO/Sony/Google/Xiaomi/HTC etc, Android 4.2.2 Above)      
  • 3. Function Keys: On/Off, Bluetooth pairing, Photograph, Android Configuration, IOS Configuration      
  • 4. Bluetooth: V3.0      
  • 5. Frequency: 2.4Hz - 2.48GHz      
  • 6. Effective distance: 10m(30ft)      
  • 7. Battery: CR2032 Button Battery   
    3in1 Lens:      
  • Fish eye lens      
  • Wide Angle lens      
  • Macro Lens    

Flash Light:

  • Size: 38mm x 38mm x 10mm (thick), dimensions do not include earbuds      
  • Weight: 15 grams      
  • LED lights: 16      
  • Battery power: 200mAh      
  • Flash photography can be up to 500 times      

Package IN Detail

  • 12x Telephoto Lens x 1pcs      
  • Fish Eye Lens x 1pcs      
  • 2in1 Lens(Wide Angle + Macro Lens) x 1pcs      
  • Selfie Stick Monopod x 1pcs      
  • Bluetooth Remote Control x 1pcs      
  • Mini Tripod x 1pcs      
  • Lens Cover (plastic) x 3pcs      
  • Small Pouch x 1pcs      
  • Flash Light x 1pcs


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