One Plus 6 Transparent Case

One Plus 6 Transparent Case



OnePlus 5T Electroplated Edge Soft Silicone TPU & Anti-scratch Crystal Case

Presenting high quality naked through TPU case for OnePlus 5T. It provides an all round sturdy protection to your smartphone against damages, scratches, daily wear and tear, bumps and dings etc. Designed specifically to fit your OnePlus 5T which gives it a snug fit and great looks as well. This case is made up from environment-friendly Polycarbonate and PU materials to make a heavy duty yet stylish Case that protects your smartphone from all corners. Also provides easy access to all operational controls like volume buttons, rear camera etc., with an ease. 

Product Features 


  • 100% GENUINE: Glossy Finish Single Layer Brushed TPU with Glossy Edges Compatible with OnePlus 5T.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: Feels great in hand. Protects your Mobile Phone from scratches, fingerprints, and bumps.
  • PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: Raised lip protects the screen from scratches Volume Rocker Power Button symbol
  • SHOCKPROOF TECHNOLOGY: Bumpers with Anti-Shock Cushion Technology for protection against small and accidental drops.
  • SLEEK AND SLIM: Built from high-quality silicone while offering a sleek design, never worry about unnecessary bulk.

  • Function: Shockproof & Anti-Scratch
  • Style: Transparent Electroplated
  • Color: Black, Gold, Red, Blue
  • Compatible Brand: OnePlus
  • Compatible Model: OnePlus 5T

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