Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 Protective Stand Case

Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 Protective Stand Case

A Case Strong Enough to Take The Pressures of Your Daily Life

It was 8:30 pm on a warm Dubai night, I was sitting beside the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. People from all around the world, passing by, left and right.

A water show began, pure precision with each piece of the show.

It was magnificent, I had to capture this moment.

I pulled out my phone. The air was super humid, my hands began to sweat a bit, I was attempting to put my phone case on, right before I was snapping the last corner in,

*BOOM* My S10 fell. Screen first, I was nervous to pick it up, once I did, I noticed the entire screen cracked. If only I had the Samsung S8 Protective Case.

Your Phone Case is Garbage

Is this the world we live in? One that no one can come up with an innovative enough phone case that didn’t take minutes to put on. One where no one can create one simple enough to install in a matter of seconds?

From this moment on, I knew I could never RUIN another perfect moment.

This is why I created InstyleMobile.

Luxury, Style, & Armour

Was it really possible? To have the slim case of your dreams that had a protective focus?

Could you really have a Samsung S8 Protective case that looks good?

Even if it was, how would you make the process of INSTALLING YOUR PHONE CASE SIMPLER?

Failure after Failure, we finally got it.

The World’s Greatest Phone Case:

The phone case is

  • Beautiful in aesthetic. It will communicate your personality
  • Protect your camera from everyday dangers & keep your high, crisp quality
  • You can wirelessly charge your phone without removing your case
  • Perfect safety and style for your hikes, working, gym, running & your everyday life
  • Able to stand because it’s an s8 stand case. The s8 stand case will stay upright handsfree!

How to Install Your New Case:

Step 1: Put the glass back to the back of your phone
Step 2: Buckle up the Screen frame
Step 3: Enjoy Your New Case

It is that simple.

Note: "Video is for advertisement purpose only. The original product might be slightly different."