About us

About Us

I went to school for psychology and always had a fascination for why people do things.  I mean have you ever thought the things you do in your everyday lives?

I’m not that old,  38 actually and I have seen the evolution of the mobile phone.  

Today what I see is that the mobile phone is your partner, your fashion statement, your productivity, and your lifeline.  It’s sort of like an extended part of your body that you keep with you at all times.

I mean, how would you feel if any part of your body gets injured. Similarly, how would you feel if your phone gets injured or does not look as appealing as much as your personality does?

At  In Style Mobile we understand that your mobile phone is just an accessory. It’s a fashion statement and keeps it protected is almost as important as keeping your body safe.

So what we try and do is handpick, manufacture some of the best accessories for your mobile phone. Something that you can be proud of and not be hesitant to carry around with you.

Starting from very humble beginnings. We have transformed and evolved into what we are today. We try to stay updated with all the latest trends in mobile phone accessories because we believe your phone deserves the best.

Starting off, we used to outsource everything. However, that was not an ideal business module. Now we have 12 of our very own product lines that are dedicating to giving you the best there is. From the inception of a new design to getting it on the store - our infrastructure of close monitoring and self-improvement has helped us become what we are today.

But nothing is possible without our customers - Yes without you, all of this would not have been possible. Thank you for being a part of our journey and God Bless.


Brendan Davis