Airskin Case for Galaxy S9 + FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR



Are you one of those people that really like to have no cover on your phone but have to because to provide protection? Well, the S9 Skinlight Case is just the thing you need because minimalism just got redefined,

The extremely slim design is scratch resistant because of a mix of polypropylene that embodies resistance properties,

The cutouts on the case have been made inch perfect that allow ease of use even with the cover on.

Product Features:

  • Unbeatable thinness to maintain the feel of the original phone
  • Lightweight but rigid polypropylene offers scratch protection
  • Form-fitted design keeps the Galaxy S9 slim and pocket-friendly
  • All black finish offers fingerprint-resistance and everyday comfort
  • Compatible with the case-friendly Neo Flex® screen protector

Our Guarantee

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