Aluminum Metal Bumper Case for iphone

Aluminum Metal Bumper Case for iphone

Product Features 

  • Classic Role, design refer to "Transformer" "Thor" "The Flash" "Iron Man" etc., appearance war god element.
  • Pinnacle Design, numerous straws and numerous cast changing finally achieve impeccable artwork.
  • Combined metal with Rugged shockproof TPU, offers iPhone more protection.
  • Iron Body, minimum density and top aviation aluminum hardness and strongest rock, light as a feather.
  • Warrior Soul, resolute callous appearance imaging, the abstract incarnation of heroic tenacity and warrior chivalrous.
  • Rigid & Neat, perfect body curve, metal skeleton body, clear chestnut laser cutting, 360-degree protection, anti-scratch, and anti-impact.
  • Strong magnet on case match with rings as a bracket, can be adsorbed on any magnetic metal
  • An extra ring can use as a kickstand, also can hang your phone on the neck or hand
  • After removing the metal parcel, wireless charging supported with TPU case.

Our Guarantee

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