Bling Glitter Case for Samsung

Bling Glitter Case for Samsung



Product Description 

A beautiful and ruggedback cover for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Phone mobile, which perfectly combines utmost protection and stylish design.

Our 3 in 1 Handycase consists of 3 materials to protect your smartphone best (quality TPU Silicone + glitter foil + thin sturdy hard case). TPU Silicone has a high durability and dimensional stability, the mobile phone is not only very good and nonslip in your hand, but it also facilitates the attachment and removal of the protective cover.

A real eye-catcher! The sparkling design gives your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus an impressive and unique look. A super lightweight, unlike many other mobile phone covers.

The thin silicone case is of very high-quality finish and perfectly tailored to your phone. This not only ensures a secure grip and protection, but also a trouble-free operation of all buttons and ports.

The frame of the case extends slightly over the display, so this is not resting on surfaces. This keeps your screen clean and scratch-free.

Product Features 
  • Features: Bling Glitter Case for Samsung S8 S8 Plus/S9 S9 Plus
  • Design: Cute,Business,Plain,Vintage,Exotic,Glitter
  • Color: gold,red,rose gold,black,silver,blue
  • People: lady,man,woman,girls,boys,mom,friends,adults
  • Easy access to all ports & buttons 
  • The Case is 100% High-Quality Guaranteed

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