Dual Crystal pro Case for Google Pixel


Crystal clear protection with advanced 2X tough coating enhances Google's original Pixel interface with a minimal bulk look. Inside the TPU corner pillow protects the Google Pixel from drops, while providing the ultimate fragile.

aeProduct.getSubject()Accurate cutting design with a perfect fit. Keep the look of your phone clean and pure.
The highest quality clear case comes equipped with laser-clear bumper

Flexible high-grade edge covering all four corners with guard and cone lip to provide critical lift design for daily use without scratches. Get the sophisticated look with the world’s clearest and hardest hybrid case.

Lifted Design
Premium grade front flip safeguards the screen by lifting the device 1.1mm away from direct surface contact. Elevate the rare camera by 1.5mm when placing down for reinforcement protection.

Shock Absorption
Specially designed TPU exterior border effectively absorbs the shock to keep your phone safe and protected.

Package Include
1*pc Google Pixel Case
Product Features:

  • Design: Transparent
  • Function: Anti-knock,Dirt-resistant
  • Fitted Case For Google Pixel

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