Hard Matte Case For Samsung S8

Do you want an original light frosted hardshell case? You are on right track. The ultra-light, thin and frosted hardcover.

Perfect cutouts and slim design allow you to maximize the functionality of your phone
Duplicate colorful scrub case. Protects your phone against any scratch and bump.

Slimmest of all
Case is 0.3mm, slim design, it seems like no, so you always enjoy the feeling of bare metal.

Soft non-injured edges
Following from the edge diffusion treatment, tear open outfit does not hurt the machine.

Lossless Buttons
Key separation design has extended the key life.

Higher than 0.5mm camera surface, effectively protect the camera.

Package Include:
1* Samsung S8 case

Product Features:
  • Design: Plain, Matte, Business
  • Half-wrapped Case
  • Function: Dirt-resistant,Anti-knock

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