Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

Photo Papers

The newly unveiled Print Pocket is a $350 add-on for your iPhone that turns it into a Polaroid camera, capable of outputting out 3 x 2-inch pictures with an augmented reality twist.

Stick one of the printed photos in front of the camera of an iPhone running the Prynt app, and the picture will start to move on your screen, displaying the same sort of Live Photo effects iPhone users are already used to.

If that photo was shot as a video, you'll even get sound when you scan it using the Prynt app,

Ultra-portable Print Pocket attaches directly to your smartphone, turning it into an instant camera that lets you capture, print and share life’s everyday moments.

No Ink

Using ZINK™ technology ink is contained within the paper and is revealed with thermal heating. Zero Ink, just fun.

No Wifi Or Bluetooth

Print Pocket plugs directly to your phone using your lightning port.

Sticker Paper

Each Print Pocket comes with 10-Sheets of Sticker Paper. Ready for any DIY or crafting occasions.

Print in Seconds

From your phone to your hands in 20 seconds. Watch as it prints' out of the Print Pocket!

Embed videos

The Prynt app allows you to add a video inside your printed photo. Capture a moment and store it inside a photo.

Add filters, emojis & text

Endless creativity and customization with your photos to make every photo print unique.


Add a video to your photo before printing and use the Print app to watch your photo come to life in AR.


Product Specification

  • No ink needed - just need Print ZINK stickers
  • Instantly print any photo from your iPhone anytime, anywhere.
  • Apply filters, frames, adjust lighting and add text to your photos
  • Add a video to your photo and use the Prynt app to watch it move.

Product Features:

  • Print photos from your phone
  • Add a video to your Print
  • Size: 2" x 3" (5x7.62cm)
  • Compatible with all iPhones
  • Easy-to-Remove Paper Cartridge

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