iPhone XR Matte Case

iPhone XR Matte Case



Product Features 

  • Highlight mirror texture, Not just for Good looking but also a good protection for the mobile camera 
  • Imak strong cowboy series color shell
  • made of high-quality PC the original Raw material 
  • the whole double frosted cloth with soft nap of the lacquer that bakes
  • like quicksand precipitation among them, the effective prevention fingerprint perspiration, resistant to cold, not easy aging.
  • a product every detail carefully measure, obligate each function key hole; Portable personal protection, concise and relaxed.
  • Matte PC Comb Glass Lens Protection Cases
  • High-quality PC + Glass Layer protection
  • Super Slim & Ultra Thin Phone Cover Shell


Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Board

  • Highlight mirror texture, not only stylish and aesthetic but well protected for your mobile camera

Well Protected By Wrapping Corners

  • Every edge of your phone is completely covered so you'll never have to worry about scratches or cracks again.

So safe that even your buttons are protected

Our Guarantee

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