Liquid Angel Screen Protector (Pack 3)

Liquid Angel Screen Protector (Pack 3)



This Liquid Angel Screen Protector has been designed using 2TH generation Armor with 9H diamond surface protection, The broad high-tech liquid angel protector is Transparency & low-viscosity Anti-Corrosion Scratch proof Anti-bacterial Sensitive Touch,

The Liquid Angel screen protector for urban settings where external influences on smartphone security are numerous & require defensive measures.

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Product Specification

  • Protest against abrasion and scratches Anti-static with an invisible but glossy finish.
  • Easy to apply to give a perfect result every time.
  • No bubbles, no wrong positioning, no glue stains.   
  • Water and oil repellant, Dirt & dust repellent.
  • Reduce finger marks and smuggles.
  • Improve screen clarity and brilliance.
  • Resistant both acid and alkaline.
  • Preserves screen sensitivity.
  • 2ml/bottle

Package includes:

  • Protect 5 Device
  • 3x 3ml Bottle + 2 Free

Product Features:

  • 9H extreme hardness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High definition
  • Crystal clearly
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Ultra-thin

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