Mini Zipper Earphone Storage Case

Mini Zipper Earphone Storage Case


Mini Zippered Earphone Storage Case Hard Headphone Bag Round Portable Earphone Earbuds Storage Bag For Earplug Memory Card USB Cable

Product Features 
  • Size: 80mmx80mmx30mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PU
  • Type 1: Earphone Bag
  • Type 2: Black Round Mini Zippered Earphone Bag
  • Type 3: Earphone Bag For Earphone Memory Card USB Cable ETC
  • Type 4: Stored Earphone TF Cards USB cable Earphone case Etc
  • Type 5: Portable Earphone Earbuds Hard Box Storage
  • shape: Round
  • Type 7: Portable Black Hard Earphones Bag
  • Stylish design, the perfect arc shape, small body, easy to carry into your pocket.
  • High-quality materials, feel comfortable.
  • Anti-drop pressure, reduce the abrasion on the objects.
  • Multi-functional storage: Earphone, USB data cable, mini MP3 package memory card storage package, spare battery pack, coins, and so on



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