Pink Gloosy Glitter Case For iPhone

Pink Gloosy Glitter Case For iPhone

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Want to shine like a star? This case will take you to the world of shining little stars. It prevents breakup and protects your iPhone.It has four corners resist broken to increase the life of your phone,

Curved finely with three color processing, so the colors don’t get fade. Don't hurt your button anymore.

Product Specification:

Its elegant and simple design interprets the teenager's uninhibited personalities.

Long Life
Totally enclosed type button and accurate cutouts, effectively make the longer life of buttons.

The matte, Glossy And glitter design with a royal look.

Box Include:
1 pcs case for iPhone

Product Features:

  • Design: Plain, Cute, Glossy, Glitter
  • Features: Shock-Proof + Scratch-Resistant + Anti-SkidMix
  • Function: Dirt-resistant
  • Type: Half-wrapped Case

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