Samsung Glitter Rotating Case

Samsung Glitter Rotating Case



Product Description

Luxury Bling Bling Sleek Design This Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Note 9 case edge is inlaid with artificial rhinestone diamond, suits for teen, girls, and women. Diamond Ring Kickstand Allow you to play games, watch videos, movies and display pictures with enviable hands-free comfort from any angles.

Soft Slim-fit TPU Clear crystal back of this bling girl case allows your phone to shine through and reveals its original color and design, soft durable TPU material and slim fit design bring a better grip for your Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Note 9

Product Features 
  • Glossy,Business,Plain,Transparent,Sports,Abstract
  • 3D Diamond Glitter Hybrid Armor Cases
  • Heavy Duty and Ultra Shockproof
  • Material: Silicone
  • Bling Rhinestone Bumper Design 
  • Easy to install and disassembly
  • The back sparkles are an insert (a piece of glittery paper) that is placed inside the case, it avoids from directly touching, so will always stay sparkly and won't get smudged. there is a neck lanyard in the package as a gif
  • Full frame anti-scratch protection and the shockproof air-cushion corners could absorb impact force when your Galaxy (2018) falls.
  • Diamond rhinestones are embedded around the edges. Made for teenage girls and women.
  • Unique Ring Kickstand offers 360 degrees rotating which allow hands-free viewing from many angles.

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