Wireless Air pods for Android & Apple


Wireless Earbuds, Dual Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 True Mini In-Ear Headsets Stereo Sports Earphone Earpiece Sweatproof for iPhones, Samsung Smartphones,


1. Portable Charging Box Design, can keep full Battery state and Necessary for Driving/Working, indoor and Outside Sports.

2. Superior sound quality With CVC noise reduction technology, delivering high-quality music and enjoyable listening experience for compatible devices.

3. Perfect for workouts the Bluetooth earphone ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Lightweight design makes you freely enjoy music when running, jogging, cycling, driving, camping, hiking, gym exercise and so on.


1. Superb sound quality headset with Bluetooth V4.2 for best stereo sound and superb bass sound.

2. Optimized for extra comfort and fit better in-ear earbuds, ease the problem of popping out, soft material to protect ears, make your phone call and music time more comfortable.

3. Make you enjoy music or watching TV & films for a longer time, specially designed a dual micro head cable and mini portable bag to make sure more convenient to carry&charging when you mountaineering, hiking, biking or other outdoor sports.

Product Features:

  • TWS wireless stereo
  • Supports two devices at the same time
  • Double-ear main and subsidiary earpiece design
  • Adopt true wireless technology, enjoy your wireless sports.
  • True wireless headphones compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Intelligent charging box provides fast charge, worry free for endurance.
  • Left and right channel separation, can be used alone or be used in a pair
  • Flexible comfortable fit and durable design Best choice when you do sports.
  • Battery time 2 hours.
  • Talk time: 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • Music time : 2 hours approximately.
  • Only one side earbuds response for call, this is designed to protect you when driving or running outdoor
  • The using time based on volume about 50% music play, the using time might be little different according to phone brand and working circumstance



Try to answer sincerely--are you sure that the most expensive products are the best? A study conducted by the University of Washington shows that 97% of people don’t want to buy wired earbuds.85% of respondents said they hadn’t bought wireless earbuds because they were too expensive. 

Pear earbuds have been created to solve this problem. It’s no coincidence that more than 400,000 people around the world are already using them.

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